In addition to lectures and exercises, the IMVT also offers practical experiments.

Labs at IMVT

Practical course solids comminution

The practical course is part of the lecture Solid Comminution.

Contact Person: Julian Liedtke

Julian Liedtke

Praktikum Fließbett

The practical course is part of the exercises of the lecture "Grundlagen der Mechanischen Verfahrenstechnik".

Contact Person: Alexander Gyurkovich

Alexander Gyurkovich

APMB/SF Versuche (Maschinenbau)

The two above-mentioned labs (solid comminution and fluidized bed) are offered to mechanical engineering students as APMB/SF experiments for the "Spezialiserungsfachpraktikum Verfahrenstechnik". The other two labs are offered by the  ICVT.

Contact Person

This image shows Julian Liedtke

Julian Liedtke

M. Sc.

Scientific Employee

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