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In the field of atomization both the jet breakup and the atomization with nozzles are investigated at the IMVT.

Experimental setup for the investigation of a countercurrent injection mixer.


Mixing is one of the unit operations in mechanical process engineering and describes the even distribution of two substances. These substances can be solid, liquid or gaseous. The objective of every mixing process is to achieve the best possible homogeneity. Depending on the characteristics of the materials different machines and processes are necessary.

Jet breakup in a centrifugal field.


The even distribution of a liquid within a gas is called atomization. The objective ist the transformation of a continous phase into drops. Depending on the application different drop size and drop size distributions are required. The objective of the research activites at the IMVT is to create an improved understanding of the physical processes to be able to make a prediction of the result. That is the only way to fullfill reliably the requirements of the very different processes.

Research Projects

Hollow cone nozzles are often used for the atomization of liqiuids. Objetcive of this project is to predict the resulting droplet size in dependence on operating conditions, geometry and the characteristics of the non-Newtonian fluid itself.

Details of the Project (PDF)

Separation is one of the unit operations in the field of mechanical process engineering. Objective of the project is the investigation of fluid dynamic interactions of differently arranged particle loaded liquid jets and the resulting droplet formation in a centrifugal field.

Details of the Project (PDF) [German]


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