Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT)

The Instiute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT) deals with the theoretical and experimental investigation of mechanical processes such as mixing, comminution, classification, filtration and agglormeration, as well as the behavior and engineering of disperse and particle systems across scales.

The Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT) takes part in the education of students and in the investigation of new methods and processes in the fields of Fuid Dynamics and Mechanical Process Engineering.

In addition, the institute offers Engineering Services for industry and research organizations in the form of consulting, computational fluid dynamics simulations and experimental characterization of particle systems and filtration elements.



The Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT) at the University of Stuttgart conducts theoretical and experimental research related to the behavior and the interaction between solid, particulate and fluidic (gas/liquid) substances or material systems, as they appear in the production of high-performance, high-value materials and products, in technical applications and processing plants, and in nature.


The IMVT is responsible for student education in the fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics and Mechanical Process Engineering, which constitute two of the basic courses in the Bachelor Degree Program "Chemical and Biological Engineering". In the Master's Degree Program "Process Engineering", the institute offers specialized courses which build on the basic courses and present current research methods, engineering processes and their respective effectiveness.


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Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering
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