Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering (IMVT)


The research activities of the institute address the basic fields of mechanical process engineering such as atomization, crushing and pulverization, separation, agglomeration and mixing, as well as the general field of Fluid Dynamics and Particle Technology. Both experimental and simulation-based investigations are pursued.

Research Profile

The Institute of Mechanichal Process Engineering (IMVT) is part of Faculty 4 "Energy-, Process- and Bio-Engineering" at The University of Stuttgart. The purpose of the institute is to represent and support the subject areas Mechanical Process Engineering and Fluid Dynamics in education and research, particularly in the degree programs Chemical and Biological Engineering and Process Engineering.

The institute's research activities are characterized by the analysis and synthesis of material conversion processes, process intensification and product design in the unit operations of process engineering, i.e.,  separation, mixing, crushing and pulverization, atomization, emulsification, dispersion and agglomeration. Focus is set on the integration of physical and mathematical models, computational fluid dynamics and particle and flow measurement technology for the investigation and experimental verification of micro- and macro-scale phenomena in single- and multi-phase flows, in single- and multi-component systems and in conjunction with heat- and mass-transport phenomena.


Carsten Mehring
Prof. Ph.D.

Carsten Mehring

Institute Director

Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering



Susanne Schüngel

Secretary’s Office

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