Measuring Instruments and Equipment

Here you can find an overview of the experimental measurement devices and methods available at the IMVT.

Validation of theroretical models via experiments is indispensable. For that reason the IMVT has a large number of different measurement devices at its disposal. They allow the characterization of particle systems, flowfields, spray atomizers, filtration elements and more.

List of available measuring equipment

Online Measuring Equipment(0,015µm - 1000µm)

  • Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (TSI APS)
  • Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer + Condensation Particle Counter (TSI SMPS+CPC)
  • Cascade Impactor (California Instruments)
  • Aerosol Spectrometer (Palas Welas)
  • Laser Diffraction System (Malvern Spraytec)
  • 3D Laser- and Phase-Doppler-Anemometer (Dantec)
  • Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurement Device (Dantec)
  • Dustcollectors (Heated Filter Clamping Location)
  • Laser Aerosol Spectrometer (TSI LAS)


Laboratory Measuring Equipment (0,02µm - 20.000µm)

  • Screening Machine (Dry, Wet, Air Jet, Sound)
  • Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer (Malvern Mastersizer, Sympatec Helos)
  • Sedigraphs (Recording Sedimentation Balance , X-Raysedimentometer)
  • Coulter Counter
  • Porosimeter (Topas)
  • Centrifuge (Hettich EBA 20, Megafuge 1.0)
  • Oil Mist Generator(Palas PLG 2100)
  • Dustdisperser (Palas BEG 1000)
  • Liquid-Liquid Disperser (Ultra-Turrax T50)
  • Volume Flow Measuring Equipment (several measurement devices for gases and liquids)
  • Velocity Measuring Equipment (Hot-Wire and Impeller Anemometer, Pitot and Prandtl Tube)
  • 3D Laser-Doppler-Anemometer (Dantec LDA)
  • Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (LaVision PIV)
  • Differential and Absolute Pressure Measuring Equipment
  • High Speed Cameras (Redlake HG 100K)
  • DSLR Cameras (Canon)
  • Microscopes ( 1-100x Zeiss Light Microscopes, Zeiss & Leitz Stereomicroscops)
  • Spark Flash Lamp
  • Infrared Camera (Optris PI 400)
  • Refractometer (Index of Refraction)
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer (Absorption und Extinctions Spectra)
  • Fallig Sphere and Rotational Viscosimeter (Viscosity)
  • Liquid and Gaspycnometer, Hydrometer (Density)
  • Dropshape Analysis 10 (Krüss, Contact Angle and Interfacial Tension)
  • Ring and Plate Tensiometer (Krüss, Interfacial Tension)
  • Droplet Volume Tensiometer (Krüss, Interfacial Tension)
  • Oil Mist Test Bench (Self-Made)
  • Bubble-Point (Eigenbau)
  • Cyclone Test Bench (Self-Made)
  • Tornado Chamber (Self--Made)
  • Demo-Cyclone (Self-Made)
  • Fluidized-Bed (Self-Made)
  • Bubble Column Reactor (Self-Made)
  • Popcorn Machine (Self-Made)
  • Atomization by Sound (Self-Made)
  • Miniature Wind Tunnel (Self-Made)
  • Stirrer Test Bench (Self-Made)
  • CNC Lathe with Powered Tools (Traub TNA 400)
  • CNC Milling Machine (Hermle UWF 900) mit Programmierplatz
  • Latthe, Saw, Milling and Drilling Machine
  • Metal Sheet Guillotine Shears , Rounding Machines, Folding Machine
  • Welding Machine
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