Modelling, Simulation und Process Dimensioning

The Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering offers to its industrial partners and other research organizations support and services in the areas of Modelling, Simulation und Process Dimensioning.

Today, physics-based and data-driven models  and computational fluid dynamics are an essential element in research, industrial product development and even in-service operation. They enable a better understading of  complex pysical phenomena and their interdependencies. They facilitate timely and cost-effective investigations of conditions and processes which are hardly or not at all acessible to experimental measurements, thereby providing a basis for process improvement,  innovation and technological progress. The IMVT emphasizes theoretical and mathematical model development of physical processes, while leveraging experimental methods to support model development and verifiation/validation and to assess the performance of complex systems.  

Our team can support your organization by applying analytical and numerical modeling techniques and experimental diagnostics to solve your individual technical challenges and/or optimize upon a given system or process.


Heat transfer simulation on a wire mesh
Heat transfer simulation on a wire mesh

CFD Software and Hardware

The IMVT uses the following CFD-Software Programs

  • OpenFOAM®

together with the Institute's own customized extensions (User-Code, UDFs) to different processes. Simulations can be done either on the institute's computer cluster or on the university's High Performance Computing Cluster (HLRS).

This image shows Carsten Mehring

Carsten Mehring

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Institute Director

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