Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering

The IMVT offers several courses for the Bachelor's Degree Program "Chemical and Biological Engineering", the Master's Degree Program "Process Engineering" and others.
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Bachelor’s degree

The IMVT courses offered as part of the bachelor studies in Chemical and Biological Engineering, focus on imparting basic knowledge in the areas of "Fluid Dynamics" and "Mechanical Process Engineering".

Master’s degree

As part of the Master’s Degree Program "Process Engineering", the IMVT offers the Majors “Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik” and “Umweltverfahrentechnik”. In addition, the IMVT holds the compulsory lecture "Transport disperser Stoffsysteme" which is mandatory for all majors offered in the Master's Degree Program "Process Engineering".

Course Contact Person Sem. WP/W
Transportprozesse disperser Stoffsysteme  Mehring, Safaei, Kirchhof WS WP/W
Partikeltechnik in der Mehrphasenströmung* Mehring, Dwars WS/SS WP
Maschinen und Apparate der Trenntechnik Dwars WS WP
F&E Management und kundenorientierte Produktentwicklung Klett, Liedtke SS W
Projektarbeit Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik  Mehring WS / SS


* The module Partikeltechnik in der Mehrphasenströmung consists of two courses: Strömungs- und Partikelmesstechnik (SS) and Mehrphasenströmung (WS)

WP = Vertiefungsmodul, W = Spezialisierungsmodul

WASTE (Air Quaility Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering)

As part of the Master's Degree Program "Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering"  the IMVT offers the course "Mechanical Process Engineering". Information about the program and the course can be found on the WASTE-Homepage or via the C@mpus-Portal.

Since the majority of courses at the IMVT are taught in German, we refer to the German section on our homepage for details.

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Carsten Mehring

Prof. Ph.D.

Institute Director

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